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11th Annual Spiderlodge Music Festival

We hope you'll join us and our students for this fun and informal music concert featuring our students young and old, with beginners to advanced performers on stage. We'll be starting at 7pm on Sat. June 23rd in the Rotary Hall at the Chilliwack Cultural...

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The New Album

Is underway, and will be ready for a summer release if I have anything to say about it! I'm chuffed about our album cover and CD artwork but it's all hush hush so forget I said anything. I have an old photograph for the cover...

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What’s Happening In Lori’s Vocal Studio

It may sound crazy but every one of my students is now recording Christmas carols, in October! I encourage singers to make recordings of carols to gift to family and friends and I advise them not to wait until the season is upon us to...

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