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Vocal Coaching with Lori Paul

Lori Paul is a Canadian singer/songwriter and recording artist whose 40 year career highlights include opening for B.B.King and Tower of Power at Expo 86 and being nominated Female Vocalist of the Year by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) that same year.  Her seventh album “Palomino” is now available for downloading and streaming.  Songs from her previous albums are also available on iTunes and at CDBaby.

Lori Paul and her multi-instrumentalist husband Rick Genge provide inspiring vocal coaching and guitar instruction, as well as recording opportunities for the next generation of musicians, out of their home studio in beautiful Chilliwack, BC Canada. 


Intro to Singing is for all beginners and students under 12 yrs

This program is for vocal students who are:
New to singing or inexperienced performers
Willing to sing along with suitable singers every day
Able to learn new songs regularly
Able to prepare lyrics for new songs before each session
Able to bring a memory stick and their lyric book each week

Level One teaches how to:
Count beats and bars of music
Keep time playing a percussion instrument
Sing with a microphone
Care for your equipment, including your vocal cords
Warm up your voice before practicing
Create a book of lyrics for ongoing use
Identify the various parts of a song
Memorize the words and the order of the parts
Listen carefully and with focus
Sing in pitch and with good posture
Correct ‘drifting’ out of pitch
Figure out which key is best for a chosen song
Breath properly for long notes and volume
Understand the song’s meaning
Create lists of long and short term goals

Vocal Performance is for vocal students who:
Have completed Level One or successfully auditioned
Are able to sing to instrumental tracks or with other musicians
Sing daily and work toward expanding their song selection
Understand basic music terminology and necessary equipment
Are able to determine correct keys for their songs
Are able to sing with emotional connection to the lyric
Learn at least one new song each week

Level Two teaches how to:
Use proper microphone technique for recording
Identify time signatures and count in a band
Develop strategies for consistency of vocal quality
Find the right balance between energy and relaxation
Vary vocal tone and volume for dynamic performance
Experiment with melody and phrasing
Sing simple harmony parts
Improvise for trouble shooting and for fun
Prepare for auditions and performances
Choose the best possible songs to perform
Build your confidence and stage persona
Set and achieve short and long term musical goals

Advanced Performance is for students who:
Have completed Level Two or successfully auditioned
Are learning to play an instrument or are already playing
Understand how chord progressions work
Are able to improvise on a given melody
Are willing to complete creative writing assignments
Are willing to keep a journal listing daily musical activity

Level Three teaches how to:
Gather and perform solo and with a variety of musicians
Identify the genre that you perform best in
Put a band together and rehearse effectively
Create promotional materials for your performances
Produce a ‘live’ music video for you and/or your band
Use social media sites to promote your recorded music
(Facebook, Twitter,Linked In, Tumblr, Flickr and others)
Write lyrics, melodies and harmonies
Find and book performance opportunities
Keep your vocal cords healthy with heavy use
Draw up a stage plot and design a lighting plan
Create dynamic and engaging set lists for concerts

Songwriting is a Creativity Coaching program for musicians who:
Have completed Level Three or successfully auditioned
Are looking for guidance to write original songs
Play an instrument or bring a guitarist or pianist with them
Are keen to perform and record original songs

The Songwriting program encourages:
The cultivation of creative routines and daily writing practice
Regular vocal practice and lifestyle balance
Study of the musical masters in relevant genres
Song dissection and analysis
Poetry and the innovative use of language

Musicians participating in this program will have
the opportunity to record weekly and may qualify for video performance,