Spiderlodge Trio

Guitarist Rick Genge, percussionist Clay Thornton and singer/songwriter Lori Paul make up Spiderlodge, a West Coast acoustic trio who perform songs from small town rural Canada featuring the quirky characters who reside there.

Rick Genge

Rick Genge is an energetic multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting and playing are the backbone of this musical collaboration. A long-time instructor of guitar and bass, Rick has taught hundreds of people how to play and has produced numerous original recording projects, most recent the new Matt Lowen album “Junkie’s Bank Account”. Rick’s ability to play a diverse range of styles from classical to hard rock makes him our secret weapon!

Lori Paul

Paul’s lyrics introduce you to people and places, familiar to those of us who grew up on the prairies and strangely compelling to those who dodged that particular frozen bullet! Fresh from previous incarnations as r&b belter and jazz chanteuse, Paul’s country roots are showing as we leave the roadhouse and make our way home. Even as the hardtop turns to gravel and the forest path darkens into rockin’ rain-drenched grooves, her voice carries and we follow. Fear not! We all wind up back in the kitchen at the lodge, singing old Neil Young tunes and eating blueberry pancakes, seated among dogs wearing hopeful expressions. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Clay Thornton

Clay Thornton provides the legs we need to get us where we’re going. You can hear the rush of the river in his brushes on the washboard, you can feel the pulse of the wilderness on djembe and congas. Clay’s ability to play a different instrument with each appendage has everyone standing around his admittedly bizarre set-up in awe. You can’t believe your ears!

We hope our songs lift off for you like birds in flight. We’ve sent these messengers to hover in your head between listenings, steady as your heartbeat, and we look forward to playing them for you when we meet again, maybe for  the first time.

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