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Guitar and Bass Lessons with Rick Genge

Rick has 50 years of teaching experience with students of all ages, playing a wide variety of musical styles. He began taking accordion lessons at age 8 then switched to guitar at 12, also playing trumpet and flute in high school band. Rick studied classical guitar, music theory and ear training at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music and has toured in bands for over 30 years. Spiderlodge, his home studio in Chilliwack, BC is a haven for aspiring musicians, a place where mistakes are celebrated as opportunities to grow, and where passion for performing is the driving force behind every lesson.

Rick’s approach to teaching is comprehensive and personalized, offering lessons for acoustic, electric, and classical guitars, bass guitar and ukulele. Rick tailors his lessons to each student’s capability and areas of interest, and is committed to fostering their individual musical journey.

By recording video highlights of each lesson, Rick provides a personalized practice guide to revisit and reinforce what’s demonstrated, giving students a visual reference they can refer to as often as needed, allowing them to refresh their memory.

Rick is a mentor who guides aspiring songwriters through the creative process, including composition, arrangement and music theory. By emphasizing ear training, he instills an invaluable skill, elevating overall musicianship and enhancing each student’s confidence in learning how to play songs by ear.

Rick Genge is a prolific creator; co-writing, playing, and producing five albums of original songs with singer/songwriter and in-studio vocal coach Lori Paul. Rick also released two solo instrumental guitar albums and has produced 4 albums with our featured original performing artist Matt Lowen, aka Brian Loewen’s Kid.

Producing and engineering is another aspect of Rick’s musical expertise as he crafts a sonic landscape, ensuring that each instrument and every note contributes to the overall story conveyed by the song. The production process is where magic happens, as raw musical ideas are transformed into polished gems.

Listen to the Latest Album Here!

Ricks latest acoustic instrumental album “Lost On Rivers Inlet” and other recordings are available at (these distributors):

Lesson Fees

$35 for 30 minutes weekly.

Recording Studio

$60 per hour

Record your original songs with engineer/producer Rick Genge.