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New Year, New Album

Lost on Rivers Inlet Album - Spider Music Lodge, Chilliwack, BC

New Year, New Album

Rick’s new acoustic instrumental album ‘Lost On Rivers Inlet’ will be landing on streaming services February 14th but if you’d like a digital copy and care to make a donation for it, email and you’ll receive the tracks, album artwork and backstory on each of the songs featured. Your support is greatly appreciated, and the liner notes will be of interest to anyone curious as to how these new songs came to light. 

We are weeks away from spring break, then we’ll continue on until the end of June with our weekly roster of students but if you or someone you know is keen to come by for an evaluation and/or a one-time session, email with a brief description of what you’re interested in studying and which instrument you’d like to improve (guitar, bass, ukulele, voice). We’ll get back to you with day and time options soon. 

For anyone interested in songwriting and recording, we’re planning an afternoon seminar so reach out and let us know if you’d like to attend. Space is limited. A date and further details will be outlined here on our newsletter next month so stay tuned!

Special thanks to Britt Phoenix for streamlining and refining our website just in time to feature Rick’s new release…it looks great Britt! 🙂 Happy new year to all!