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Vocal Coaching with Lori Paul

Vocal Coaching with Lori Paul

Weekly recording sessions are 45 minutes for $50. each week.
Fees are due on the 1st of each month, for the month in advance
In addition to ongoing monthly payments, a $100. deposit is required
to secure your weekly day & time from September through June.

Should students stop attending for reasons other than health,
without the requested two weeks notice, this deposit will be forfeit.
At the end of June, the $100. deposit will be reimbursed or
students may book a day and time for the following September.

Lessons missed due to illness will be ‘banked’ and made up
in 15 minute increments in the weeks following the missed session;
students attend for an hour each week until banked time is used up.
Please note that banked time cannot replace a regular weekly session.
Lessons missed due to sports, vacations or other
non-health related reasons do not qualify for banking.

Singers unable to attend weekly, or preferring not to,
may book a session any time, whenever they wish,
and for these sessions, the fee is $100. for one hour,
which includes a pre-session phone consultation so that
titles, tracks and keys can be determined in advance.

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