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Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

I tell everyone that making music and singing, everyday is the best way to enhance your life. It’s a sure-fire way to dig in to the moment and be truly present. Making music or dancing grounds and enlivens us at the same time and allows us to connect more fully with something greater than ourselves.

We can’t help but idolize, admire and imitate the musicians who beguile us.
We try to figure out how to imbue our performance with with their greatness.
I am sparked and fed and stoked and led to higher ground every single time I listen to great musicians.
If you’re musical, you feel it too.

I wish all of you a chance to make the music your soul seeks.
I hope you let it grow your heart and your courage as only performance can do.
Sing in the privacy of your own shower or in your car, but let your voice ring out for all the beauty it holds, and for it’s singularity, it’s uniqueness… it’s your contribution to the universe.

Eventually, we go from craftsperson (someone learning skills and techniques for improving our sound) to artist (someone capable of improvising and exploring the musical environs). Not just to conjure a pleasing sound (though that’s part of it 🙂 but to figure out a way to express truth through tone and lyric. I encourage you to sing your heart out! Belong to the song and know that you are born to sing it. Be well in 2020. We send love from our family to yours.