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How You Want To Feel

How You Want To Feel

Take notice of the way you feel when;

You hear a song and you have to hear it again, then over and over,
the fire is lit in your imagination and now you just have to learn that song!

-You hear a voice unlike any other and the hair on your arms stands up!
Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Bruno Mars, Tom Waits, Elvis, Alicia Keys,
Paul McCartney, Howlin’ Wolf, Brandi Carlile …a few of my favourites.
Identify singers who inspire you, make playlists that are diverse and
choose a wide variety of genres so you can learn what your vocal strengths are.

-You meet a musician and start a conversation about the bands you both like…
maybe you share songs you think the other person will enjoy.
Find people who share your musical interests and play together.

-You are singing a difficult piece.
You find yourself humbled by your insufficient skills,
and so you practice by yourself, alone,
you’re caught up in the thrill of the chase and as you sing it over and over,
you feel yourself improving, if only in small ways…this is practice!

-You’re performing, and your audience may not realize it,
but you’ve just sung something beyond your previous capability,
you have broken through old restraints and it feels amazing 🙂

-You are struggling with a particular skill and it’s no fun, in fact it’s actually uncomfortable…that’s good!
This means you’re growing. If you’re comfortable, you’re not pushing forward, and you’re not improving.

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