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Vocal Coaching with LoriPaul

Vocal Coaching with LoriPaul

If you’re new to singing, here’s how my vocal coaching program works:
I assign songs for my new students but I also allow the students to choose songs they love.

Students learn by singing along with the original singer to begin with, then singing along
without the lead vocal, and we record these efforts to hear where improvements can be made.
Students are welcome to share their recordings with family and friends.

I will be sharing tracks and recordings by email at the end of each session.
I ask students to commit to singing every day and to learn their songs off by heart.
I have a large selection of instrumental tracks for popular songs that I share.
Arrive for your first session with a few songs in mind that you’re familiar with,
along with lyrics for these songs.

Sessions are $40. for 30 minutes.
Payment for sessions is made monthly (e-transfer or cheque) on the first session of each month,
and lessons missed for health reasons are made up at a mutually convenient time in the future.
If you wish to stop lessons for reasons other than health, we ask for two weeks notice.

We’re happy to have you here and we want to keep you safe, so here’s the new protocols we have in place:

-Stay home & reschedule if you don’t feel well or have allergy symptoms.
-When you arrive, remain in your car until we flag you in.
-We’ll take your temperature at the door then bring you into the studio.
-Ask your ride home to wait for you in their vehicle when they pick you up.
-One family member is allowed to attend with each student.
-Our washroom will be available.
-Please bring your own water bottle.
-I’ll be providing a clean wind screen microphone cover for each vocal student.

Also Please Note
24 hour notice is required for lessons cancelled for any reason other than health.

If you have any questions, email me at or call 604-819-SING(7464)